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Josh Goldsmith,
Mitigation Specialist

Specialties: Ecological restoration, mitigation siting, implementation, and monitoring, stream surveying, water rights, wetland delineation, agency coordination, construction oversight, biological surveys

Mr. Josh Goldsmith is a Mitigation Specialist whose work at TBG involves the assessment of properties for restoration and preservation, having a working knowledge of the various rules and regulations throughout the country, and performing ecological assessments. Mr. Goldsmith graduated from Purdue University in 2002 with a degree in Forestry – Natural Resources. He specialized in Ecological Restoration with a focus on wetlands and forest communities. His focus after graduation was on Stream Restoration, Wetland Delineation, and Ecological surveying. He has completed all of the Rosgen based stream assessment courses and various classes from the Stream Restoration Institute at NC State University. In the Southeast, Mr. Goldsmith has designed, constructed, and monitored 25,000 ft of stream and 40 acres of wetlands. In the Pacific Northwest, he has done research for NOAA based on the restoration of western streams using beavers and was a co-author on peer-reviewed journal articles. He has also surveyed streams throughout Oregon for the purpose of securing Instream Water Rights for native fishes and has participated in the construction oversight for ESA salmonid-bearing streams.

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