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Thomas Krebs began his career as a consultant for Register-Nelson, Inc. where he assisted public and private-sector clients compensate for impacts to streams and wetlands in accordance with the Clean Water Act Section 404. Within two years he was managing projects restoring a hundred feet of stream to those restoring several miles of streams. He managed the design, permitting, construction, and monitoring of more than five mitigation banks that were eventually sold to a billion dollar investment firm. In total, Thomas worked on some 20 projects restoring over 30 miles of streams and over 100 acres of wetlands.  The last year of Thomas’ work, he managed over $2,000,000 in budgets, six employees and a dozen project sites. He then took a job managing the river, wetland and wildlife resources at an Indian reservation in Arizona.  Thomas has worked extensively with resource agencies, local governments, private landowners, the land development industry and environmental groups to restore, preserve, and protect natural resources.


Thomas received a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife and Range Management from Brigham Young University and a Master of Science degree in Ecology from Northern Illinois University.  He worked continuously during his schooling for professors doing vegetation restoration and in internships doing stream and wetland restoration in Illinois. Thomas has taken all four courses taught by Dr. Dave Rosgen in stream assessment and restoration which represent the standard qualification in the industry.





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