Community Outreach


As someone who cares about our country’s lands, streams, and wildlife, you are a part of the barn group’s community. Together, we are conservationists, scientists, philanthropists, veterans, citizens, volunteers, staff members, and above all, nature enthusiasts.

Community involvement and education are keys to long-term conservation and protection of our natural resources. As a nonprofit organization working to conserve our land, The Barn Group is especially interested in educating and partnering with our community. The Barn Group engages with the community in a variety of ways. We provide outreach programs to reintroduce people to the natural wonders in their backyards and neighborhoods. We coordinate service projects so that communities can take and feel ownership for these natural areas. We provide education to people of all ages in classrooms and through field trips, so that people understand our land, streams, and wetlands better.

Our past programs have included hosting grade-school children at a local wetland, conducting science demonstrations at local schools, taking seniors on nature-based field trips, hosting fishing excursions, and many other fun and educational activities. There are a multitude of fun, exciting experiences in the outdoors for all age groups. The Barn Group can customize experiences based on your unique group.

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