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Environmental design is the process of addressing surrounding environmental parameters when devising plans, programs, policies, buildings, or products. TBG fully integrates our land ethic with customer-focused consulting and advanced analysis of environmental conditions to solve our client’s most complex challenges. Our staff gather and analyze data, but far more, TBG delivers sustainable solutions for our clients. TBG’s scientific team brings decades of experience across broad landscapes and conditions. Biological, chemical, and physical processes form and maintain the favorable and challenging project conditions. We work with nature. Working with nature, our designs are inherently sustainable.


TBG uses the most efficient methods but ensures the site’s ecological integrity. A restoration plan is a simplified representation of what exists at the construction site. TBG supervises construction crews to ensure that the plan is interpreted accurately and placed precisely into the fundamental elements of the landscape.


Stream and wetlands are especially complex. Understanding the true nature of aquatic system problems is challenging because of their dynamic nature, seasonal variation, disturbance sources, and resiliency to restoration. Recognizing the current conditions, comparing it to historical conditions, and projecting its future conditions are consequently challenging. Our staff, academically trained aquatic ecologists, maintain a profound depth of training and real-world experience in stream and wetland restoration. TBG has successfully built miles of stream and adjacent wetlands employing all four levels of Natural Channel Design courses taught by Dr. Dave Rosgen.


TBG expertly restores upland habitats. Uplands are vital to many species including white-tailed deer, wild turkey, bobwhite quail, and grouse. Often, these habitats suffer from neglect allowing weedy plants and erosion. Our interdisciplinary team of wildlife biologists, fire ecologists, and botanists are academically trained, with years of on the ground implementation controlling noxious weeds chemically and mechanically. TBG has implemented prescribed fire on hundreds of acres of eastern forests and fields and has created and maintained enhanced habitat to maximize game and wildlife values. Additionally, TBG has restored trails, roads, and other erosion problems to protect property as well as downstream habitats.

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