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Habitat Management – Using modern science and best management practices to incur improvement or change on the landscape for the betterment of the habitat type and the species that utilize it.

The Barn Group offers technical guidance and support as well as a suite of services custom tailored to your property. TBG offers these services to any landowner or property manager who is interested in utilizing the most relevant and current science while enhancing their property for wildlife and the natural environment. These services are also available to working lands and TBG will assist the manager in creating a well-balanced ecosystem that not only provides income as a working land but provides quality habitat for the native flora and fauna associated with the property.



TBG will provide a consultation with the landowner and discuss landowner interests (wildlife management, wildlife diversity, specific species interests, income eligibilities, renewable resource potential, current and future property use etc). TBG will conduct a site visit of the property to determine present species, habitat types, outstanding natural resource concerns, current use, and desired future use potential. TBG can then make recommendations on habitat management implementation strategies based on inventoried property and landowner interests. A landowner or manager receiving recommendations will also receive a schedule of events on how and when to implement them based on the current science and best management practice for the recommendation. The landowner can further elect to contract The Barn Group to implement any or all recommendations. TBG can provide labor and equipment for any habitat manipulation as well as expertise in implementation.


TBG provides comprehensive Habitat Management Plans that include inventory of habitat types located on the property, species associated with those habitat types, and species currently found on the property. The plans will include habitat manipulation recommendations based on landowner objectives and will include opportunities for generating revenue from sound management.


TBG reviews your property to determine eligibility for any cost share programs dedicated to enhancing management on private lands. TBG will assist the landowner in application processes in order to help the property rank as high as possible for award of cost share funding. TBG can further assist with implementation of conservation practices to successful applicants and ensure that payments are received for practices implemented. Habitat Management Implementation Services:

These services include the physical implementing of a habitat manipulation technique and are priced according to size, scope, and type.

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