Mitigation Banking

The Barn Group has designed, implemented and maintained multiple mitigation projects and understands what is necessary to implement successful, cost-effective mitigation plans. Our diverse staff has multidisciplinary expertise, which means we can provide integrated services throughout the full lifecycle of mitigation efforts – from initial permitting negotiations to comprehensive maintenance programs to ensure permit compliance.

TBG’s in-depth experience means that we can recognize issues early in mitigation efforts before they become a large problem or expense. Our professionals can determine why the project is not working and then design and implement a corrective action plan.

Our comprehensive services include field evaluations, development of site-specific mitigation plans for permit approval, obtaining and installing plant material, monitoring the results and providing reports for submittal to agencies and controlling the colonization of undesirable or exotic species.

We develop habitat restoration and business plans to evaluate opportunities and constraints of project sites and determine regional credit markets. Our technical and business teams work with property owners and existing mitigation bankers to plan, establish, and build banks. We develop strategies for land management and site use planning to generate the maximum return on investment for long term planning from the “ecological” perspective involving site closure and conservatorship.


A mitigation bank is a large wetland, wetland complex, and/or series of streams that is created, restored, or enhanced and conserved for the purpose of selling credits to compensate for the loss of natural wetlands.

Prior to the Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and U.S. Environmental protection (USEPA) offering improved standards and better-defined guidelines for mitigation banks in the mid-2000s, developers were generally limited to restoring or enhancing wetlands at or nearby a project site. These projects often failed, were costly to maintain, or resulted in poor-quality wetlands that were difficult to maintain and oversee. In comparison, mitigation banking puts the burden of permitting, restoring, and maintaining hi-functioning wetlands and streams on environmental professionals, while simplifying and improving regulatory oversight.


Performance based with high success rates and less financial risk for the developer compared with in-lieu fee mitigation or permittee-responsible mitigation.

Use a multi-agency oversight process that brings more expertise over more facets of the functions and values of a wetlands and streams.

emphasizes larger tracts of land with higher success and protection potential, as well as greater ecological and human benefits, such as water quality, pollutant filtering, flood control, and rare species preservation.

Bridges the gap between conservation and economic development by offering financial and economic incentives for restoration and conservation while keeping development options practical and lucrative.

Provides more affective preservation and long-term stewardship.


TBG’s mitigation banking team has a combined 40 years’ experience in wetland and stream mitigation projects. These projects include over 160,000 linear feet of stream restored and multiple wetlands over 14 wetland mitigation banks. All services are provided, including:

  • Property feasibility analysis
  • Wetland delineation and stream assessments
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic studies
  • Regulatory agency coordination
  • Prospectus and Banking instruments preparation and submittals
  • Permitting for Local, State, and Federal agencies.
  • Full stream and wetland design and plans
  • Construction oversight and coordination
  • Vegetation enhancement – re-forestation
  • Drone mapping
  • Invasive species control • Annual monitoring and reporting
  • Erosion and sedimentation control plans and monitoring
  • Long-term stewardship and maintenance
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