Stewardship is the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care. Stewardship in conservation easements is the act of caring for the land and its resources. It is accomplished by the landowner and supported through a partnership with The Barn Group. We have a shared responsibility to protect the land for generations to come in perpetuity.

Once a conservation easement is established, a partnership has been forged that will involve the landowner, their successors and TBG to ensure that the land remains protected forever. The landowner is responsible for all the day to day management, and enjoys all the rights of ownership that have not been extinguished by the Conservation Easement. TBG is responsible for regular monitoring of the property to confirm that the provisions of the easement are honored and carried out in perpetuity.

The landowner and TBG share a commitment to ensuring that the conservation values of the land will always continue to be protected. Proper stewardship objectives reflect the unique components of each property, including the owner’s goals and the land’s features. We are available to assist with property management questions, or to provide referral to other resource management experts.

Should a landowner wish to manage their property to enhance its conservation values, beyond simple compliance with the Conservation Easement, TBG offers its professional services to create a conservation plan unique to the land. Our plans are designed to address long term enhancement of the property, the plan includes both short term and long-term strategies to achieve a landowner’s goals.

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