Environmental Studies

The Barn Group takes pride in its nationwide scientific expertise. We work from the mountains and rangelands of the Intermountain West to the dense forests and wetlands of the South. We have completed research projects on bird, bat, reptile, amphibian and plant diversity, aquatic macroinvertebrates, pollinator ecology, game management, stream stability and hydraulics, wetland hydrology, and much more. Our diverse expertise makes TBG unique and capable to ask and answer complex ecological questions.


Understanding the wildlife that utilize your property influences the way you manage your land. TBG performs comprehensive species inventories of the animals utilizing property resources through thorough on-site investigation and habitat delineation. Our game management specialists can help you implement strategies to maintain and improve important resources to increase desired species on your land and help conserve sensitive species’ habitat.


TBG has biologists trained in acoustic biological monitoring. Using state of the art audio recorders and acoustic processing software, TBG has analyzed hundreds of hours of audio recordings on conserved lands and formulated robust species inventories of birds, frogs, and bats. The automated recorders collect ambient noise to help identify vocalizations of animals. These automated systems are excellent for finding rare, as well as common species that may go unobserved during typical field surveys.


TBG has performed plant surveys across diverse US landscapes to generate comprehensive plant community metrics such as richness, density, frequency, and biomass. We have employed such metrics in projects for biodiversity studies, grazing management, noxious and invasive weed control, fuels reduction, and (soon) carbon assessment.

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