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Tess Hanson, EIT, MS,
Water Resource Engineer

Specialties: Stream and Wetland Restoration, Natural Channel Design, Sediment Transport, AutoCAD Drafting, Hydraulic Modeling, Habitat Assessment, Construction Oversight

Ms. Tess Hanson has worked as a water resource engineer for 10 years on river restoration projects across the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West. Her academic and professional experience is centered in engineering, but spans a wide variety of disciplines, including fluvial geomorphology, riparian ecology, soil science, and fish biology. She has served as lead designer for over twenty river restoration projects, overseeing them from the assessment stage through the design and construction phases. Ms. Hanson holds a Bachelor of Science in Ecological Engineering from Oregon State University (OSU) and a Masters of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Colorado State University (CSU). As a research assistant at OSU, she contributed to hydraulics research at a biological research station, performing large-scale flume experiments and collecting hydraulic and geomorphic data to investigate fish behavior with respect to Engineered Log Jams. During her graduate studies, Hanson led a team that performed flume experiments to study sediment transport in meandering rivers and served as the primary instructor for two computer programming courses. Her professional experience has included work for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, a watershed council (Grande Ronde Model Watershed), ICF International Inc., and River Design Group. This work has consisted of river restoration design, ecological assessments, hydraulic modeling, surveying, engineering plan set production, proposal and report preparation, construction oversight, and landowner coordination. She is proficient with AutoCAD Civil3D, HEC-RAS, the iRIC suite, ESRI ArcMap, and various computer programming languages/platforms (Matlab, R, Visual Basic).

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