Thomas Krebs

Thomas Krebs, Ph.D. (c),
Chief Operations Officer

Specialties: Stream and wetland ecology and restoration, mitigation bank market analyses, establishment and management, drone imagery, regulatory coordination, plant and insect identification, noxious weed control, erosion and sediment control

Mr. Thomas Krebs, Ph.D. (c) has been a professional ecologist for 16 years. He is a Rosgen Level 4 stream restoration specialist as well as a jurisdictional waters delineator. He has built, designed, and managed over 30 successful mitigation banks and permittee-responsible mitigation projects that included first to third-order streams, channel relocation, bank stabilization, wetland enhancement and restoration, and forest corridor planting and revegetation. States he has completed mitigation studies and restoration projects include Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Illinois, Arizona, and Utah.

He has assisted in the conservation of over 200 properties in 19 states leading his team in biodiversity surveys focused on plants, birds, pollinators, and other wildlife. His team also completes Land Management Plans for agriculture, forestry, wildlife, and hunting on these properties. He expertly documents and interprets conditions with drone and satellite imagery, topography, soils, and other geospatial data using ArcGIS and government resources. He used his commercial pesticide applicator license to control noxious weeds along miles of riparian corridors and rights-of-way. His training includes plant and insect identification, GIS mapping, landscape ecology, wildland assessment, and grant writing. He is a Ph.D. candidate at Brigham Young University (BYU).

His research focused on the ecological impacts of wild horses on desert riparian and aquatic communities. He completed his Master of Science in 2006 studying wildlife population dynamics and aquatic ecology at Northern Illinois University and his Bachelor of Science in 2004 from BYU studying wildlife biology and range management. He is a successful grant writer and project coordinator winning $400,000 in grants and $7,000,000 in project budgets. Mr. Krebs is a FAA-certified Part 107 Remote Pilot-In-Command (license #4375114).

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